Amazon Prime Day Deals 2022

Amazon Prime Day Deals 2022

Last updated: 12JUL2022

Hi everyone, here is a roundup of Amazon Prime Day deals. I’ll update this as I find more deals, please share in the comments below if you find any too! Please note that these are affiliate links, so I may earn a small commission on your purchases at no extra cost to you.

We’ll start with storage. The WD Black hard drive is great for Xbox or PlayStation consoles, and a great price. I am listing a few varieties of SD cards; the Samsung Pro Endurance are prized for their very long lifespan, and the SanDisk Extreme cards are faster than the Ultra cards. That speed difference won’t really be noticeable on retro handhelds, so I would recommend the lower priced option for those devices.

5TB WD Black Game Drive ($99):
2TB SanDisk Portable SSD ($189):
1TB SanDisk Extreme MicroSD ($151):
1TB SanDisk Ultra MicroSD ($109):
512GB SanDisk Ultra MicroSD ($47):
256GB Samsung Pro Endurance ($39):
256GB Sandisk Extreme MicroSD ($35):
256GB SanDisk Ultra MicroSD ($27):
256GB Samsung Evo Select ($26):
128GB Samsung Pro Endurance ($19):
128GB Samsung Evo Select ($13):

Each of the controllers I have listed below I have tested (and have videos on!), and I think each of them are solid options, especially at these prices. But the KingKong 2 Pro price is really great.

GulitKit KingKong 2 Pro ($55):
8Bitdo Arcade Stick ($71):
8Bitdo Pro 2 Wired for Xbox ($36):
GameSir X2 USB-C ($53):
GameSir T4 Mini ($27, burrito controller):

Here are some products that I like and are at a good price, and I’ve made videos about the Xbox, Fire Stick, and Tablet here on this channel if you want to check them out. The prices for those Fire devices are really crazy.

Xbox Series S + SteelSeries Headset ($298):
NuPhy Air75 keyboard ($104):
Logitech G29 USB racing wheel ($199):
Anker 65W GaN II Charger ($34):
Fire TV 4K Max ($34):
Fire HD 10 Plus tablet ($104):

Also, 25% off selected used items from Amazon Warehouse:

Black Friday 2021 Deals

Black Friday 2021 Deals

Hi everyone, here is my roundup of Black Friday sales. I’ll be sure to update this post as I find more deals, and be sure to let me know if you find anything too!

AliExpress site-wide codes:
$7 OFF $50 with code: BFCM7
$12 OFF $100 with code: BFCM12
$18 OFF $150 with code: BFCM18
$23 OFF $190 with code: BFCM23 codes:
$5 OFF $50 with code: BF05
$10 OFF $100 with code: BF10
$15 OFF $150 with code: BF15
$20 OFF $200 with code: BF20
$30 OFF $300 with code: BF30
$50 OFF $500 with code: BF50 $10 off $100 with code powkiddylove
TomTop 8% off site-wide code TTSMCLICK8:

Handheld devices:
PowKiddy V90 for $34:
PocketGo v1 for $29:
TrimUI (A66) for $45:
Anbernic RG280V for $63:
Anbernic RG351V for $76:
ODROID-Go Advance for $29 (shipping might be high):
OGA battery for $4 (works great in RG351P):
Retroid Pocket 2 for $65 + shipping:

Backbone One + $10 Apple gift card (+ 3 months Game Pass Ultimate trial) for $85:
GameSir X2 (USB-C) for $55:
GameSir X2 (BT) for $48:
Razer Kishi (Android) for $45:
8BitDo Pro 2 for $45:
8BitDo SN30 Pro for $38:
Super Console X controllers for $9:

MicroSD cards:
Use the code oemholidaysdcard2021 for 10% off on any of the cards on this page:
SanDisk Ultra 128GB for $16:
SanDisk Extreme 128GB for $20:

Amazon deals:
Fire TV Stick 4K Max for $35:
My video on the Fire TV Stick 4K Max:
Fire HD 10 Plus tablet for $105:
My video on the Fire HD 10 Plus:

Modern consoles:
Xbox Series S for $285 (requires Costco membership):

Retro Game Corps merch:
T-shirts, hoodies, stickers, and more, all 35% off:

Note that some of these sales may not go into effect until later in the week, and there may be regional pricing differences. Some of these links are affiliate links, by clicking on a link and buying something I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Happy shopping!

Budget Retro Handheld Buying Guide (November 2021)

Budget Retro Handheld Buying Guide (November 2021)

With two big sales days in November (Singles Day and Black Friday), now is a good time to go over my favorite budget handhelds and some tips and tricks to get the best deals possible.

Devices featured in this video:
PowKiddy V90
PowKiddy Q20 Mini
TrimUI Model S
Anbernic RG300
Anbernic RG280V
Anbernic RG350P
Anbernic RG300X
PowKiddy RGB10
Retroid Pocket 2+

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Prime Day Deal: $79 Fire HD 10 Plus!

Prime Day Deal: $79 Fire HD 10 Plus!

Holy crap, remember that Fire HD 10 Plus video I did the other week, and I suggested you wait for Prime Day to get it? It’s now available for $79 (3GB) or $109 (4GB), which is a full $70 cheaper than it was when I bought it. I thought it was a great deal then, now I’m thinking about getting a second one 😎

Here’s the link (affiliate):
My video review:

If you don’t want to click on the affiliate link, just search for “Fire HD 10 Plus” on Amazon. The price should be good for the next few days. As far as which model to get, I think it will depend on your use case. If you primarily want to use it for retro (PS1 and below) games, game streaming, and media consumption, the 3GB version should be fine. If you want to play PSP, N64, and Dreamcast you might want to think about upgrading to the 4GB model. Enjoy!

2020 Retro Handheld Black Friday Deals

2020 Retro Handheld Black Friday Deals

Hi everyone, here are the deals that I’ve found so far for Black Friday this year. I’ll be sure to update this page as I find more deals for you. Please note that some of these links are affiliate links, which means that if you use one of these links and purchase something, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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