Retro Game Corps Black Friday Roundup 2022

Retro Game Corps Black Friday Roundup 2022

Hey everyone, every year I like to round up my favorite Black Friday deals and share them with my family and friends, and so since starting RGC I’ve maintained that same tradition. I’ll be sure to update this post as I find more deals, and be let me know if you find anything too!

Please note that some of the links below may be affiliate links, and I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for the support and happy shopping!


Anbernic is offering up to 25% off + $10 off using coupon BF2022:

Anbernic RG280V for $56
Anbernic RG300X for $55
Anbernic RG353P for $118
Anbernic RG351V for $79
Anbernic RG503 for $116
Anbernic RG552 for $189
Anbernic RG351MP for $116
Anbernic RG351P for $76
Anbernic RG351M for $107
Anbernic Win600 starting at $285

Amazon also has the RG350m for $70, which is a great price for this older machine:

Retroid Pocket 3 for $99 with coupon RP3SAVE20:
Free case with purchase of Retroid Pocket 3+ (11/25 only):

Logitech G Cloud is $299 on Amazon (regularly $349):
or $249 directly from Logitech using code BF22USD:


128GB Samsung EVO Select for $16:
128GB SanDisk Extreme for $15:
256GB Samsung EVO Select for $25:
256GB SanDisk Ultra for $27:
512GB Samsung EVO Select for $45:
1TB SanDisk Ultra for $99:
1TB SanDisk Extreme for $117:

256GB SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.1 flash drive for $20:
512GB SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.1 flash drive for $38:
1TB Samsung portable SSD for $89:
2TB SanDisk portable SSD for $144:


MinisForum’s Black Friday sale has some moderate discounts on mini PCs that I have reviewed on the channel:

Beelink is also offering sales on their mini PCs:
Amazon also has them discounted, including the SER5 for $315:

DroiX is offering Black Friday deals plus free international shipping on all orders over $150!


Fire TV Stick Max for $35 (can emulate up to Dreamcast):
Anker chargers, battery packs, and cables:


PlayStation DualSense controllers for $49:
PlayStation edition BackBone One Controller (iPhone) for $63:
BackBone (iPhone) controllers for $74 + $10 gift card:
20% off 8bitdo controllers:
11% off GameSir controllers plus free controller with $100 purchase:
Logitech G29 Racing Wheel for $199 (50% off):


Steam sale has some really good deals on older games, especially if you filter it to those below $5 (Celeste, Valve games, Titanfall 2, DOOM, Castle Crashers, SFV, Resident Evil 4/5, Sonic Mania, Mordor games, LEGO games, Arkham games, Injustice games, Horizon Chase Turbo, etc):

Humble store also has some good sales like $30 Cyberpunk, $25 LEGO Skywalker, $7.50 Hollow Knight, and $20 Horizon Zero Dawn (all redeemable in Steam):

10% off EverDrives site-wide (limited availability):


Handheld devices:
Use code BFS6 for $6 off any order over $50
Use code BFS13 for $13 off any order over $110
Use code BFS22 for $22 off any order over $180

Note that some individual stores may have their own coupons, and you might be able to stack them.

Introducing the Retro Game Corps Charity Store!

Introducing the Retro Game Corps Charity Store!

The Retro Game Corps Charity Store is now live! I will be auctioning off items that I have reviewed or tested for the channel, with new listings every week. All items start at a $1 bid with no minimum, and 50% of proceeds go to charity. The remaining revenue goes towards eBay fees, packaging material costs, and a bit to offset my wonderful wife’s time as she packages and ships all of these items.

Find the store here:

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Amazon Prime Day Deals 2022

Amazon Prime Day Deals 2022

Last updated: 12JUL2022

Hi everyone, here is a roundup of Amazon Prime Day deals. I’ll update this as I find more deals, please share in the comments below if you find any too! Please note that these are affiliate links, so I may earn a small commission on your purchases at no extra cost to you.

We’ll start with storage. The WD Black hard drive is great for Xbox or PlayStation consoles, and a great price. I am listing a few varieties of SD cards; the Samsung Pro Endurance are prized for their very long lifespan, and the SanDisk Extreme cards are faster than the Ultra cards. That speed difference won’t really be noticeable on retro handhelds, so I would recommend the lower priced option for those devices.

5TB WD Black Game Drive ($99):
2TB SanDisk Portable SSD ($189):
1TB SanDisk Extreme MicroSD ($151):
1TB SanDisk Ultra MicroSD ($109):
512GB SanDisk Ultra MicroSD ($47):
256GB Samsung Pro Endurance ($39):
256GB Sandisk Extreme MicroSD ($35):
256GB SanDisk Ultra MicroSD ($27):
256GB Samsung Evo Select ($26):
128GB Samsung Pro Endurance ($19):
128GB Samsung Evo Select ($13):

Each of the controllers I have listed below I have tested (and have videos on!), and I think each of them are solid options, especially at these prices. But the KingKong 2 Pro price is really great.

GulitKit KingKong 2 Pro ($55):
8Bitdo Arcade Stick ($71):
8Bitdo Pro 2 Wired for Xbox ($36):
GameSir X2 USB-C ($53):
GameSir T4 Mini ($27, burrito controller):

Here are some products that I like and are at a good price, and I’ve made videos about the Xbox, Fire Stick, and Tablet here on this channel if you want to check them out. The prices for those Fire devices are really crazy.

Xbox Series S + SteelSeries Headset ($298):
NuPhy Air75 keyboard ($104):
Logitech G29 USB racing wheel ($199):
Anker 65W GaN II Charger ($34):
Fire TV 4K Max ($34):
Fire HD 10 Plus tablet ($104):

Also, 25% off selected used items from Amazon Warehouse:

Budget Handheld PCs: AYN Loki vs AYANEO Air Plus

Budget Handheld PCs: AYN Loki vs AYANEO Air Plus

The AYN Loki is now up for pre-order, but the buying process is somewhat confusing, and there are other devices with similar specs on the horizon. In this video we’ll take a look at all the available options, the competition, and what might be best for you.

AYN Loki

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My current (simple) 351ELEC setup

My current (simple) 351ELEC setup

Sometimes, less is more. In this video I’ll show you how I’ve pared down my retro game collection to just focus on the games that I actually want to play, and how it has given me the opportunity to just focus on games, and not endless browsing.

Devices that support this setup:
Anbernic RG351P
Anbernic RG351M
Anbernic RG351V
Anbernic RG351MP
PowKiddy RGB10 Pro
PowKiddy RGB10 Max
PowKiddy RGB10 Max 2


Note that while I didn’t explicitly mention it, this same setup can be done within RetroOZ for its supported devices as well. Check out the latest version here.

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100K Subscribers! Here’s what’s next.

100K Subscribers!  Here’s what’s next.

Amazingly and unexpectedly, this little project has grown to 100,000 subscribers. Let’s talk about the future of this channel, and I’ll give away a bunch of stuff too.


Enter the giveaway here

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