Game 4 All CM4 GBA unboxing and testing

In today’s video we’re going to take a look at Retro Dreamer’s upcoming Game 4 All (G4A) device, which places a Raspberry Pi CM4 module inside an original Game Boy Advance shell, with some clever tricks along the way. Let’s find out if this is worth the Kickstarter pledge prices of $100 (DIY kit) and $167 (pre-assembled unit).

Kickstarter campaign
ETA Prime teardown (starts as 06:09)
Rechargeable batteries and charger
My Retro Game Case catalog

00:00 introduction
02:44 unboxing and impressions
07:22 screen and comparison with CM3 GBA
08:28 gameplay testing
13:36 summary (who is this for?)
16:01 conclusion

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