Game 4 All CM4 GBA unboxing and testing

In today’s video we’re going to take a look at Retro Dreamer’s upcoming Game 4 All (G4A) device, which places a Raspberry Pi CM4 module inside an original Game Boy Advance shell, with some clever tricks along the way. Let’s find out if this is worth the Kickstarter pledge prices of $100 (DIY kit) and $167 (pre-assembled unit).

Kickstarter campaign
ETA Prime teardown (starts as 06:09)
Rechargeable batteries and charger
My Retro Game Case catalog

00:00 introduction
02:44 unboxing and impressions
07:22 screen and comparison with CM3 GBA
08:28 gameplay testing
13:36 summary (who is this for?)
16:01 conclusion

One thought on “Game 4 All CM4 GBA unboxing and testing

  1. Hi I had a question, with this device would you need to install your own custom software, like you mentioned in the video Lakka? I heard there is software for this called Project Ares, but I haven’t a clue how to install custom firmware or anything like that. I got my shipping info in for the pick up and play and I’m reading comments and watching the video on the performance would likely be improved with custom firmware. My question was in regards to the custom firmware and do you have a guide on how to install that firmware? I think I got everything I need to do it but I’m just not very tech savvy.


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