Last updated: 20JUN2021

Let’s face it. As a one-person show, I cannot answer every email, YouTube comment, Discord ping, Subreddit message, or website inquiry. So to help I’ve set up this community support page so that you can find the answers you need in the most convenient way possible. There is a whole community built around retro gaming, and here are some of the resources you have at your disposal (besides this here website, obviously).

Discord servers

Hands down, the fastest way to get information about your favorite device is through the appropriate Discord server. Each of these servers have their own unique identity, so be sure to join the right server. Within each server will be several different channels, which are typically organized by topic or device. The downside of Discord is that while you can find the latest information and get instant feedback from other users, it’s a little difficult to find older information.

Retro Handhelds – this server initially covered all things related to the Retroid Pocket 2, but has since branched out to cover other handhelds. This is the main server where I spend my time — there are even dedicated channels for RGC-related discussions, and a handy “help me choose” channel where community members can help you decide which retro handheld is the best fit for you.

Retro Game Handhelds – this server focuses on a variety of different handheld devices. Find the channel that matches your device, and ask whatever question you may have — the users are very helpful and knowledgeable.

Anbernic official – this server is maintained by Anbernic partners and friends, and they focus specifically on those devices.

AmberELEC – this server is dedicated to the AmberELEC (formerly 351ELEC) firmware for the Anbernic RG351 devices.

Taki Udon – this server is maintained by YouTuber Taki Udon, where you can discuss the latest news and information pertaining to his retro handheld videos.


If you’re not looking for urgent tech support, there are several retro handheld subreddits that have a wealth of information. When I’m looking for an answer to a question, I often check these subreddits first (the search function is very handy).

RG350 subreddit – this subreddit was initially focused on RG350 devices, but it has since branched out to RG280 and RG351 devices as well.

RG351 subreddit – this one is more focused on the RG351P/M devices in particular.

SBC gaming subreddit – this subreddit is dedicated to any number of SBC (Single Board Computer) gaming devices. This one is more focused on the latest news than tech support.

Retroid Handhelds subreddit – this subreddit covers all things related to the Retroid Pocket 2.

Facebook groups

If you’re already a Facebook user, this is a convenient way to connect with others and get your questions answered.

Retro Handheld Gaming – this group covers a variety of retro handheld devices, and mostly focuses on buying advice, new models, and modding.

RG350 Retro Gaming Handhelds – this is the largest Anbernic-related Facebook group

Anbernic Official – this group was made by Anbernic, and it covers all of their devices.

RG350 Game Club – this small but spunky group picks a new game to play each week and then shares their experiences. It’s a lot of fun!

Retroid Handhelds – your Facebook group for all things related to Retroid devices.

PSP PS Vita Hacks and Mods – this group will show you everything you need to know about modding your PSP or Vita.


Telegram is a great place to chat with other users in a simple, secure interface.

Anbernic is Awesome – this group started as an RG350 fan club, but now they discuss everything related to Anbernic devices.

Team Ruka PowKiddy (English) – this group is dedicated to PowKiddy tabletop arcade devices, like the A13 and A12. Here you can find custom firmware and troubleshooting advice from dedicated users.

YouTube channels

If you want the latest news and reviews, many YouTube channels are probably your best source.

Retro Game Corps – this is my YouTube channel.

MashTec – this channel is mostly dedicated to helpful guides for RG350 and RG351 devices.

Taki Udon – this channel features up-and-coming devices and insider knowledge for the community. He also has a second channel which focuses more on gameplay testing.

ETA Prime – ETA Prime covers a lot of material, but he also has an interest in emulation and handheld devices.

Sonic Love – this channel showcases a number of systems and focuses on gameplay demonstrations.

More Tech Sir! – this channel focuses on a number of retro gaming features, but mostly specializes in the Retroid Pocket 2.


Retro Game Handhelds – this site has a nice repository of stock firmware images in case you want to re-flash your device.

Obscure Handhelds – this website has the latest news and commentary on handheld devices; it’s a great source of new information.

Wagner’s Tech Talk – a treasure trove of handheld guides, but limited to only a few systems like the RG350 and PocketGo v2.

Dingoonity forums – these forums have a GCW-0 section, which is the original console that the RG350 is modeled after. There are a lot of developers on this channel, and can sometimes have RG350-related answers you cannot find in the groups above.