Budget Retro Handheld Buying Guide (November 2021)

With two big sales days in November (Singles Day and Black Friday), now is a good time to go over my favorite budget handhelds and some tips and tricks to get the best deals possible.

Devices featured in this video:
PowKiddy V90
PowKiddy Q20 Mini
TrimUI Model S
Anbernic RG300
Anbernic RG280V
Anbernic RG350P
Anbernic RG300X
PowKiddy RGB10
Retroid Pocket 2+

One thought on “Budget Retro Handheld Buying Guide (November 2021)

  1. Thank you for this Russ! I actually sent you a question similar to this on IG so please ignore that. I’m glad you made this. right on time.


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