Prime Day Deal: $79 Fire HD 10 Plus!

Holy crap, remember that Fire HD 10 Plus video I did the other week, and I suggested you wait for Prime Day to get it? It’s now available for $79 (3GB) or $109 (4GB), which is a full $70 cheaper than it was when I bought it. I thought it was a great deal then, now I’m thinking about getting a second one 😎

Here’s the link (affiliate):
My video review:

If you don’t want to click on the affiliate link, just search for “Fire HD 10 Plus” on Amazon. The price should be good for the next few days. As far as which model to get, I think it will depend on your use case. If you primarily want to use it for retro (PS1 and below) games, game streaming, and media consumption, the 3GB version should be fine. If you want to play PSP, N64, and Dreamcast you might want to think about upgrading to the 4GB model. Enjoy!

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