Super Console (KinHank) Arcade Stick Setup Guide

Last updated: 06SEP2022

The Super Console Arcade Stick from KinHank is one of my family’s favorite gaming devices of 2022, and so in this guide I will show you how to load it up with a clean copy of EmuELEC 4.3, add your own game library, and then tailor it for the best experience possible.

Buy one via AliExpress or Amazon
Replacement arcade buttons via AliExpress or Amazon

00:00 introduction
01:16 pricing and Batocera
03:28 install EmuELEC
06:06 configure controls
07:46 add BIOS and ROM files
09:00 recommended configurations
15:14 RetroArch hotkeys and remap files
17:45 scraping media
19:26 multiplayer with 8bitDo arcade stick
20:14 summary and conclusion

Get started with EmuELEC

  • Download the 4.3 image of EmuELEC. You can find it via their Releases Page or directly via this link. The image file you are looking for is named “EmuELEC-Amlogic.aarch64-4.3-Generic.img.gz”.
  • Flash the image to a microSD card using Balena Etcher. For the best results, I recommend using a microSD card that is at least 128GB, from a reputable brand like SanDisk or Samsung.
128GB cards:
SanDisk Extreme
Samsung EVO Select
SanDisk Ultra

256GB cards:
Samsung EVO Select
SanDisk Ultra
  • Once you have flashed the card, eject the SD card and then re-insert it into your PC. You should see a partition called “EMUELEC” that will have some system files inside. Download this dtb.img file, unzip it, then add the file to your EMUELEC partition. There will already be a dtb.img file in that partition, replace it with the new one.
  • Eject the SD card from your PC and insert it into the Super Console Arcade Stick, and turn the device on. Follow the instructions in the video above in case it doesn’t boot into EmuELEC, and boots you into the Android image instead.
  • EmuELEC will initialize itself, and then you will be in the main menu. From there you can map your arcade stick buttons, and then Quit the app, power down the device, and then put the SD card back in your PC.
  • You should now see a second partition on your SD card, called “EEROMS”, this is where you will put your games and BIOS files. If you don’t see this partition, follow the steps in the last half of this video guide. Add your games and BIOS files according to this chart.
  • When possible, use romsets that are organized using the No Intro Naming Convention. Additionally, for arcade, try to use non-merged romsets from MAME 2003-Plus and FinalBurn Neo, those work the best with this hardware.
Recommended hotkeys for RetroArch

Configuring EmuELEC

For a line-by-line configuration setup, I recommend watching the video above. Consult the diagram above for my preferred hotkeys. Here are some recommended per-system advanced configurations:

Nintendo 64:
– Emulator: Parallel RA core (32-bit)
– Shader: CRT Scanline

– Emulator: PCSX ReArmed 32-bit

PSP and Dreamcast / Naomi / Atomiswave games are somewhat playable on this S905 chip, but the performance is not very good. I would recommend sticking to lightweight, 2D games, or just focusing on N64 and below systems.

If you’d like to learn more about the Super Console Arcade Stick, here is the original review:

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