Fix the “Format Disk” Windows 10 Error (EmuELEC, ArkOS, 351ELEC)

Do you get an error that says “You need to format the disk in drive [letter] before you can use it” when putting in a multi-partition SD card? This video will show you how to remove drive letters from your SD card partitions so you just see the partitions you want. Additionally, I’ll show you how to make unassigned partitions appear.

In order to remove drive letters from your SD card partitions, you will need the free app DiskGenius.

How to access SD card partitions on Windows 7 & 8

Note that if you are using a version of Windows that is older than Windows 10, you won’t see these SD card partitions (this became a native feature only in Windows 10). You will only see the EmuELEC/ArkOS/351ELEC partition. So you will need to do the following workaround:

  • Download and install the program Bootice
  • Insert your card and open the program.
  • Select the drive (in this case your SD card), click “Parts Manage”, and you will see the three partitions.
  • Select Games and click “Set Accessible”.
  • In “My Computer” the drive will be changed from EmuELEC to Games. You can access the whole partition there, and place your ROMs.
  • Once you’re done, set the partition back to EmuELEC.

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