My Portable OLED Steam Deck Setup

Let’s put together a travel-friendly portable monitor setup for both budget and premium experiences.

** Note that when making the video the Innocn OLED monitor price was $680, but it is currently being sold for $560.

Items used in the review:
Innocn 4K OLED monitor
Innocn also sells a 1080p, non-touch, non-battery OLED monitor for $350

AWOW 1080p LCD monitor
AWOW monitor review video
Note that the AWOW monitor is now sold out, but Innocn makes a similar 1080p LCD portable monitor for $150

Lamicall tablet stand
Lamicall official site

  • use code RussFS02 for 30% off
    They will also be holding a 30% off Father’s Day sale (more info in their social media channels)

ACEFAST charger (black)
ACEFAST charger (white)

  • use code “ACEFASTa19” for 10% off the charger through 30JUN2022 (black model only)

00:00 introduction
01:47 the setup
04:33 OLED monitor
07:01 testing the LCD setup
09:49 testing the OLED setup
13:17 summary (likes and dislikes)
16:57 conclusion

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