Anbernic RG353P In-Depth Review

Anbernic’s latest retro handheld device has a nostalgic design and some pretty nice features at a relatively affordable price ($130 introductory price). So let’s take a deep-dive review of the RG353P and see if it’s worth picking up.

Buy one here

00:00 introduction
01:58 tech specs
02:35 unboxing & impressions
06:42 comparison with other handhelds
11:54 software experience (Android & Linux)
14:41 game testing (retro games)
17:01 Saturn, NDS, N64
19:24 Dreamcast, PSP, GameCube, PS2
22:48 PC streaming & Game Pass
25:30 HDMI output
26:39 summary (likes & dislikes)
28:50 conclusion

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