Odin Dual Boot Guide: Windows 11/Android

In this guide I’ll show you how to load Windows 11 and Android 10 on the AYN Odin Pro or Base models at the same time. This will allow you to easily switch between the two operating systems for the best of both worlds.

GitHub page for installation instructions
Guiformat tool to format your flash drive to FAT32
Community compatibility sheet where you can see performance results for games that have already been tested
My Odin Starter Guide

00:00 introduction
01:47 download files
03:21 install Google drivers
03:51 flash custom boot installer
05:53 install Windows
07:46 Windows setup
09:55 summary & conclusion


  • If the Android drivers fail to detect the Odin when you plug it in during installation, some users have noted that installing the Microsoft Media Features Pack onto your PC can resolve the issue.
  • When downloading the install.wim file from the instructions/video above, I mention that any install.wim file. Based on community reports, it appears the 22621.1 version seems to work the best (direct link here).
  • Setting the Display resolution to 1366×768 will give you a sharper image than 720p with minimal performance cost, and works well with Windows 11’s tablet UI.
  • When first setting up your device, be sure to go to the “Essentials” tab of the Community Compatibility Sheet and install all of the plugins listed, as they will greatly improve gameplay performance.
  • Developer Alessandro “Locutus73” Miele has created a collection of ARM-based emulators from resources available already, or those that he compiled himself specifically for the Odin. So far he has compiled ARM-friendly builds for Dolphin, PPSSPP, and PrimeHack.
    • Dolphin tips: add an empty portable.txt file to the Dolphin.exe’s directory to create a local settings file, so that it won’t conflict with the PrimeHack settings.
    • Run Dolphin in Direct3D 12, 2x or 3x resolution, “skip drawing”, “defer EFB cache invalidation”, and “immediately present XFB”
    • Expect parity of performance for some games with Dolphin MMJR, but with better accuracy and the ability to set hotkeys. On a few games they might be a bit better than on Android (like Wave Race: Blue Storm), but on others they will be worse (Super Mario Sunshine).
  • If you run into any other issues with the installation, I would recommend using the GitHub issues tab to alert the developers.

Here is a performance showcase of Windows 11 on the Odin:

One thought on “Odin Dual Boot Guide: Windows 11/Android

  1. Russ,
    Just want to comment that it seems that the supplied drivers aren’t for the new Odin touch screen and this thing is pretty useless in Windows if you can’t have touch input. Hopefully they update the driver soon.


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