AYN Odin Starter Guide

AYN Odin Starter Guide

Last updated: 13APR2023 (see Changelog for details)

The AYN Odin is a device that has caught the handheld gaming world by storm — it is relatively affordable, has excellent build quality, and provides performance that surpasses its peers in the same price range. Shipping delays have plagued its launch, but as more units are finally reaching their owners, let’s do a Starter Guide to walk you through the setup process.

This guide will work on the AYN Odin Pro, Base, or Lite model.

The Odin is at a strange junction in the gaming world: its price and performance have drawn interest from those who are not veterans of the emulation community, and some reviews fail to emphasize that this device is not plug-and-play out of the box. This guide is meant to help you along in that initial setup and configuration, so that you can get to gaming.

Android Starter Guide
RetroArch Starter Guide

Because the AYN Odin runs on an Android platform, setting up the device is similar to setting up any other Android device for the purpose of game emulation. I already have complete Android and RetroArch guides on this website, which will serve as the foundation of setting up your Odin. There are some unique setup aspects for the Odin which we’ll cover in this guide, to complement the two guides above, but I would highly encourage you to check out those two guides as well.

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Showcase: Windows 11 on the AYN Odin Pro

Showcase: Windows 11 on the AYN Odin Pro

A month ago I tested Windows on my AYN Odin, and I liked it so much that I kept using it. In this video I’ll show off some of the expected gaming performance if you want to try this for yourself. Overall I don’t recommend this for the Odin as your primary handheld, but it was a fun way to access some games you couldn’t otherwise play on this device. But in the end, you’re best served by using the stock Android operating system and streaming PC games instead.

Install Windows 11
Taki’s installation video
Community feedback sheet

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