Review: AYN Odin

At long last, the AYN Odin has been released. Let’s take a look at this promising new handheld and see if it lives up to the hype. Spoiler: it does.

The device is still being sold via its Indiegogo page. Please note that the prices are listed in Hong Kong dollars.

Odin compatibility spreadsheet

00:00 introduction
04:14 unboxing and tech specs
07:12 hardware and impressions
17:28 software orientation
23:44 screen impressions
27:15 Android and retro game testing
30:00 DS, PS1, N64, Saturn
31:26 Dreamcast and PSP
33:05 GameCube and Wii
35:29 PS2 and 3DS
37:55 Xbox and PS streaming
41:38 Stadia and Moonlight
43:08 Summary (likes and dislikes)
47:12 conclusion

2 thoughts on “Review: AYN Odin

    1. I wouldn’t really consider them comparable though. The 351MP is possibly the pinnacle of that chipset live and can play an astonishing amount of games.


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