PowKiddy RGB20S Review

Well, it’s certainly cute. The new PowKiddy RGB20S sports a lovely 3.5″ 480p (4:3) display, a nice compact design, and everybody’s favorite chipset, the RK3326. So does its unique features (and a few hidden surprises) make it worth $80? Let’s find out.

Buy one here

Other devices mentioned in the video:
Anbernic RG351V
Anbernic RG280V
Miyoo Mini
PowKiddy RGB10 Max 2

00:00 introduction
01:00 unboxing & impressions
03:18 ergonomics
04:54 comparison with other handhelds
06:50 tiger time
07:49 teardown
08:49 software experience & gameplay
14:07 custom firmware options
16:21 summary (likes & dislikes)
17:58 conclusion

One thought on “PowKiddy RGB20S Review

  1. If you want to put ArkOS on this do you need to put it onto the “game” SD card or the one with the QC sticker ? I assumed it would go on the QC SD card but I noticed ArkOS has dedicated folders for the roms so I was confused as to whether I should put my games on the game SD card instead? Sorry if this is a stupid question, loved the review


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