351ELEC Final Update: What You Need to Know

351ELEC has closed its project for future updates. Let’s take a look at this final build of the operating system, the legacy it leaves behind, and where we go from here.

Download the final 351ELEC image here.

If you are new to 351ELEC, check out my 351ELEC 2.0 guide, as well as the 2021 version of my RG351P/RG351M starter guide.

Other firmware solutions:
The Retro Arena

Also check out AnberPorts, where you can install ports on your 351ELEC device.

4 thoughts on “351ELEC Final Update: What You Need to Know

  1. You do realize the announcement from ArkOS on 4/4//21 as well right, “Please be aware that by the end of this month, I will no longer be further developing or providing updates to ArkOS for the 351P/M.”

    There will be a last image at the end of the month from the team but that is about it. I would not count ArkOS as “Other firmware solutions”.


    1. I discuss it in the video, that development is ending for ArkOS on the 351P/M models. It’s still a firmware solution in my opinion. Just because a firmware has a final build doesn’t mean we should stop using it, right?


  2. Hi Russ,
    I have a problem running PSX games with 351ELEC:
    Every Time I boot up a game, the message ‘bios not found’ appears, although there are plenty of SCHPxxx files in the bios folder.
    This results in some games running normal but some seem to be stuck in their intro, I cannot start them.
    With ArkOS no problems.

    Could you please help? Thanks!


    1. Okay, problems solved by my stupid self.

      For those interested/curious:
      351ELEC differs between lower case file names and upper case filenames, something Windows-Users are not used to. So “SCPH5501.BIN” is NOT treated the same as “scph5501.bin”! When I changed the bios name accordingly to lower case letters, 351ELEC instantly recognized it.

      For the “stuck at intro and controller not responding” problem there actually is a solution in their wiki. Earlier PSX-Games did not work with the later Dualshock-Controller, which by default is emulated in 351ELEC. So changing the controller type to “standard” solved that problem.


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