351ELEC 2.0 Released: The Ultimate “Plug and Play” Firmware for RG351 Devices

Last Updated: 23FEB2021

When it comes to custom firmware options for the RG351 devices, 351ELEC is a masterclass in curation and user friendliness. While I adore ArkOS for how easy it is to tinker with the device and firmware, 351ELEC is more suited to those who just want to jump into some games without having to do a lot of tweaking.

Lucky for us, 351ELEC 2.0 is now available, and it has hundreds (over 275, to be more precise) of new tweaks under the hood and in the user experience. Check out the video for my full breakdown, and also see the notes below for links to some of the things I mention in the video.



Here are some other guides and links that are referenced in the video above:

351ELEC Wiki page

Handheld Screen Settings for RG351 Devices

PSP Guide for RG351 Devices

Recommended WiFi adapters for RG351P

26 thoughts on “351ELEC 2.0 Released: The Ultimate “Plug and Play” Firmware for RG351 Devices

  1. Any idea why PS1 games show up as a massive list and how to make it just one per disc?
    Example I have about 25 Destruction Derby in the games list but only one disc image for this game.
    It was the same on ArkOs and now on Emuelec so not sure how to fix this.


  2. Keep the files in one folder, and only boot the .cue file. The .bin folders are a section of the game or part of the soundtrack. You need all the files, but the .cue file is the starting point. Twisted Metal 4 is a good example. You’ve got soundtracks that are different for each level, so you have several .bin files. You start the .cue file and it’s going to start each level with it’s proper soundtrack in order. It stems from the British slang for being in line IE “get in the cue!”


  3. If you were to switch from ArkOS to 351ELEC would the game saves still work correctly? I am considering this switch due to this 2.0 update. ArkOS is a great platform but it can be a lot of things to remember when I am just looking for plug n play. TY!


    1. It’s a new flash, so you start from scratch. You can use a second SD card to save a headache, but a fresh flash means that everything is new. I’m currently re-flashing a second card to ArkOS because of some hiccups within the OS version I was using, and it’s really refreshing to have a second chance to perfect my system.


  4. I’m new to all this, and only flashed the old version a couple of weeks ago when I got my RG351M. How can I do this but still keep all my save states and things like PS1 saves that are saved to the ‘memory card’? Do I just do a new flash and tehn transfer all my ROMs over from the old card onto the new card and everything works fine?


  5. Following up with my question after doing some more digging on my own. Both firmwares handle game saves in the same manner (with the game file). I am not sure about save states however, since 351ELEC has a save states folder…that may be different. Haven’t tested moving the .srm files into that folder yet or just seeing how and where 351ELEC save save states, but that could work. I am loving the 351ELEC firmware so far, not having to change the screen ratio is great. I couldn’t figure out how to save it to the core with ArkOS even with the guides on this extensive site. Loving the themes downloader and the update checker. Great user experience.


  6. Can’t seem to get the frontend BGM to function on 351elec 2.0 with my 351p. I dumped a few mp3s into the BGM folder with the expectation that turning frontend music on would then cycle through the mp3s on the menu screen, and while it shows the notification for the track changing, it will not play the audio. Wondering how to get that sorted out because everything else is working wonderfully.


    1. you can convert the mp3 files online in the .ogg format.
      mp3 files are not supported at the moment, only .ogg and flac files.


  7. I’ve been spoiled by ArkOS, but I gave 351Elec another try… I’m glad I did! Of course I used my second SD card, JIC, but I’ve had very few problems! OpenBOR didn’t work until I updated the assets through Retroarch. Doom 1 wouldn’t read the Doom.wad, so I had to rename it Doom1.wad. Once you open a Doom game you can enter Retroarch to activate your Doom mods (it’s the easiest way to get Blood, Army of Darkness, and other games built in the Doom engine to work.) Otherwise, every thing else ran incredibly well, and I didn’t have to tinker with it! They’ve done an outstanding job getting it to work, now we need better ports!!


  8. Ok, here is my situation…
    I was playing around with the original OS and it seemed to work fine, but I wanted an upgrade. When I plugged in the original SD card into my computer I got a popup saying that it could not be read and it needed to be formatted. I ignored this and ejected it without formatting and plugged it back into the RG351p and all I get is a black screen. I was not able to get the BIOS folder.
    Using a new SD card, I formatted it, flashed 351ELEC, and plugged it into the RG351p. It started up smoothly and I downloaded the drastic emulator as recommended in the video. I shut it down, removed the SD card and plugged it onto my computer. I can see the 351ELEC partition, but not the GAMES partition.
    From here I am not sure what to do. Do I need the old BIOS folder? If I do how can I get it? Also, how can I find the GAMES partition on the new SD card?


    1. Same here I ended up using a partition reading program and it was right there. I put the files in and it worked idk how to get windows to read it but at least you will be able to load games on it


  9. Hi there Russ,
    Firstly, You are doing an immense service to the community here and Have made my time with the rg351p much easier and enjoyable.
    I followed you guide on installing 351elec and have been enjoying it except for one BIG issue.
    It has stopped my left joystick from automatically being recognized by many emulators.
    Do you know how to remedy this? IS there a button somewhere in emulation station like in stock that lets retroarch just use the stick instead of the d pad?


  10. Brand new to the RG351P here and immediately used this image, loaded the bios folder in /roms/bios and roms into /roms/{respective directory}. However when I try and start Sonic CD I get a “Software Failure” message in red, and then in it says “error Sega CD UNTESTED xyz /bios_CD_U.bin missing…” I have the bios_CD_U.bin from the original RG351P image in the folder. It is there. Permissions look right. I even went out to download this anew from the Internet and I still get this message. My ROMS are ISO files. Would you happen to know why 351ELEC thinks this file is missing?


  11. Restoring overclock boot loop.

    351ELEC worked fine, installed all the good stuff. But system crashed yesterday after a few scraping actions. Now it is stuck in a boot loop every time I start it up. 1.*vibrates* 2. shows 351ELEC on screen 3. device makes a popping/clicking noise 4. shows “Restoring overclock” message in bottom left for about 3 seconds, continues to step 1 and repeats infinitely. Will salvage SD content and install on new SD card when I get a chance to see what happens.


  12. Cant find anywhere what format my new sd card has to be in. Just got an 128gb and don’t want to mess it up. Does it matter if its NTFS or exFAT? Does it have to be fat32? cant find it anywhere.


  13. Hi, I recently discovered your youtube channel and I am very enthusiastic, I followed step by step the instructions for my rg 351p and installed 351 elec 2.0 the console really improved.
    Unfortunately nintendo DS games no longer work, when I start a Rom 351 elec seems to work, then the screen turns black for about 5 seconds and returns to the list of games, what could be the problem? all other emulators work perfectly. Sorry my English, I’m writing to you from Italy. Thank you in advance for your answer and congratulations again for the great work


  14. Hello Russ,

    First of all a huge thank you for this formidable source of information that is your website and youtube channel. i have discovered the fabulous world of retro handheld console only a few month ago and i owe it to you.
    Following your recommendation, i would like to switch from emuelec to 351elec for my RG351M.
    After following your guide and flashing my Sd card, i popped it in my console to get the Game folder to show up, however after a minute or two of ” booting” i get an error that reads : Error in mount_storage: mount_common: Could not mount UU” followed by and ID.
    I have formated and flashed my card several times, but always end up with the same error, do you have an idea where it could come from? Or where i could find help on this issue?




  15. They mentioned that 351ELEC will NOT be released for any other console, is that including the RG351V? I just wanted to buy that one because of the form factor, I already own many landscape handhelds, so this would be different, plus it looks gorgeous. Too bad if it would not be able to run 351ELEC.

    What about ArkOS, do you know if that will be supported?



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