Review: BigBig Won Elitist S Controller

This controller has a silly name, but it may be my favorite sub-$50 controller. It has wide compatibility, superb craftsmanship, and features that are actually useful. Let’s take a deep dive on all the things I like about it, and a few of the things I’m not super excited about.

Buy the device here, and be sure to use code QY3QJ6HY for an additional 10% off.

3 thoughts on “Review: BigBig Won Elitist S Controller

  1. Looks like a great controller, Russ. But I’m a little controller “rich” at the moment, so I’m going to pass on buying it right now. My favorite good/budget controller is the “Moga xp5-x+ controller.” I got it recently in an eBay auction for $17. It, too, is an “all-around” gamepad that ALSO works as a battery that users can use to charge devices with a cable. Alas, it is also burdened with the older micro-USB port instead of the newer USB-C port.


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