Guide: Super Mario 64 Port on Retro Handhelds

Guide: Super Mario 64 Port on Retro Handhelds

Last updated: 23JUN2022 (see Changelog for details)

Great news – the method used to bring the awesome Super Mario 64 port for RG350 devices is now available for the RG351P and similar retro handheld devices. This port is unique in that it features a 60fps (frames per second) patch, making the game look and feel twice as smooth as it originally did. It’s worth checking out this port for this feature alone. Moreover, it’s available for both the 351ELEC and ArkOS firmwares, which is very handy!

This guide is relatively simple, but before we get started, a word about copyright: The game file for Super Mario 64 (or for any game, unless explicitly offered by the owner) is considered copyrighted media, just like a film or song is considered copyrighted media. While it’s never been tested in court, distributing game files over the internet is considered illegal. This guide will show you how to create your own port of SM64 using your own copy of the game, for your own personal use. Sharing the location of a copy of SM64 is not permitted on this site, nor is distributing a copy of the completed port we’re about to create. If you’re interested in reading more about the legality surrounding game emulation, check out my article here.

Note that the video below is quite dated, but the process is relatively the same. For the most current information, follow the written guides below.

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