Super Mario 64 Port on the PocketGo S30

Last updated: 03MAR2021

Today let’s get the beautiful SM64 port installed on the PocketGo S30, running at a beautiful 60 frames per second.

To install Super Mario 64 port on your device, you will need to follow the steps in this tool, created by developer fcorbier (source here). Note that you will need the NTSC/US Super Mario 64 ROM, in .z64 format, with the SHA-1 hash “9bef1128717f958171a4afac3ed78ee2bb4e86ce”.

Follow the steps in the video and the tool’s page, and you should be set!

N64 A : A or B
N64 B : X or Y
N64 L : L1
N64 R : R1
N64 Z : L2 or R2
N64 Stick : Bottom stick
N64 CPad : Digital pad

You can change the button mapping either in the game itself (press START then R1), or within the emus/supermario64/sm64config.txt file on your SD card after installing the port.

2 thoughts on “Super Mario 64 Port on the PocketGo S30

  1. Hi Russ,

    I hope you’re keeping well.

    Thank you for the Mario 64 port guide – it works and looks incredible 🙂

    Best regards, Phil


  2. I have the calibrate my joystick every time i play any game that uses the joystick. otherwise it is every so slightly pressing down. Unfortunately my joystick calibration is not saving into playing the Mario 64port.


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