3D-Printed Grips for RG350 and RG351 Devices

In today’s video we’re going to test seven different 3D-printed grips designed by Lupus Worax Custom. I’m keeping my favorites, and giving away the rest, so be sure to watch to the end for more info. Enjoy!

Check out the designs
Buy a 3D printer
Skull & Co thumb grips

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3 thoughts on “3D-Printed Grips for RG350 and RG351 Devices

  1. They have the program to mold whatever they want, yet they don’t use acoustics? Sticking Styrofoam cups and a toilet paper tube to the bottom of your RG351P increases the volume, but these guys don’t think of enhancing the sound? Yeah, opportunities missed! Hollow out the grips, funnel the sound, and make grips with BOOM!!!! Study the Bose radio schematics, copy what will fit, and you’re Gold!!


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