Anbernic’s New Official Android Frontend — Review and Setup Guide

Anbernic has released a new frontend for their Android operating system, which will work on the RG353P and the upcoming RG353V. In this video I’ll walk you through the installation of their new Android build, and show off some of its features (and failures) within.

Buy an RG353P

Anbernic software link
My RG353P review and custom firmware showcase
Install Play Store on the RG353P

00:00 introduction
01:50 installation guide
03:58 software setup
07:06 PSP configuration
09:29 N64 woes
10:35 summary and conclusion

3 thoughts on “Anbernic’s New Official Android Frontend — Review and Setup Guide

  1. Would it be possible to extract the APK for the frontend and share? I don’t have a device with their new frontend (RG351V) but would love to try it on another Android device if possible. The Total Commander file manager can extract and make copies of any APK in the “installed apps” folder (even system apps) if you, or someone else, could copy and upload just the frontend apk. That would be AWESOME! Thank you!


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