Steam Decks Compared! 64GB vs 512GB

There are a few options available when purchasing the Steam Deck, and I happened to get my hands on both the 64GB and 512GB models. So let’s take a look at each model and see whether the minor unique qualities between them is worth the $250 price difference.

Hard drive upgrade
Reserve a Steam Deck

00:00 introduction
01:17 travel case
02:40 screen reflection
03:23 brightness & dimness
04:42 sharpness & clarity
06:28 summary & conclusion

One thought on “Steam Decks Compared! 64GB vs 512GB

  1. up to what system would you say the steam deck can emulate? have you tried using a keyboard and mouse for some games? I mostly would want to use keyboard and mouse for say games like diablo 2, warcraft and StarCraft to give that good nostalgia feeling I had back in the day. Or would you say maybe setting the back button to hotkeys for potions n stuff in diablo would be sufficient? As always you’re the man Russ


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