PowKiddy X39 Review

At about $40, the new PowKiddy X39 certainly looks pretty decent. So let’s do a deep-dive review to see whether this device’s performance and user interface is worth the price of an evening at the movie theater.

Buy one here
use code “BGRuss06” to bring the price down to $40.99
Coupon expires July 31st, 2022

00:00 introduction
00:57 tech specs
01:45 unboxing and impressions
04:50 software and game testing
07:54 external controllers and HDMI
10:54 adding your own games
14:41 summary (likes & dislikes)
16:34 conclusion

One thought on “PowKiddy X39 Review

  1. Hey Russ, is there any talks about an update to this firmware so we can get Retroarch on these? Just got the new X70, running on the same firmware, and it’s exactly the same as the x39z


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