My Ultimate Steam Deck Emulation Setup

After a few weeks of tinkering, I finally have my Steam Deck set up exactly the way I like. This video will show you my setup, which is a combination of EmuDeck, EmulationStation, Xbox Cloud Gaming, standalone Linux games, and my Steam library.

Xbox Cloud Gaming setup Linux games

00:00 introduction
02:30 Xbox Cloud Gaming
03:30 updated EmuDeck guide
07:04 Steam ROM Manager
09:26 cleaning up Steam
10:49 adding standalone Linux & PC games
17:33 final setup and conclusion

One thought on “My Ultimate Steam Deck Emulation Setup

  1. I’m not sure why but for almost all of my roms, in emulationstation each game displays multiple copies of the same rom. And most of the start with a “_.” I’m not sure how to clear that out. I only have one file of each rom.


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