My Ultimate Steam Deck Emulation Setup

My Ultimate Steam Deck Emulation Setup

After a few weeks of tinkering, I finally have my Steam Deck set up exactly the way I like. This video will show you my setup, which is a combination of EmuDeck, EmulationStation, Xbox Cloud Gaming, standalone Linux games, and my Steam library.

Xbox Cloud Gaming setup Linux games

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EmulationStation on Steam Deck! Showcase and Guide

EmulationStation on Steam Deck!  Showcase and Guide

Well, that didn’t take long. The desktop version of EmulationStation works really well with the Steam Deck, and allows you to streamline your emulation setup on this impressive handheld. Plus it works in perfect sync with EmuDeck, allowing you to have preconfigured emulation settings AND multiple options when it comes to organizing your ROM library. In this video we’ll go over basic setup, add artwork, and improve how it displays in SteamOS.

Download EmulationStation Desktop Edition here, and be sure to check out their extensive user guide.

Other tools used in this video:
EmuDeck for emulator auto-configuration
SteamGridDB for posters, heroes, grid, and logo images to sign up for a free account for scraping images

Note that while I didn’t show it in the video, you can go into Main Menu > Other Settings and adjust the default emulators to your liking. This is helpful if you have a preferred RetroArch core or want to use a standalone emulator.

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Guide: EmulationStation on RG350 devices

Guide: EmulationStation on RG350 devices

Last updated: 12OCT2020 (see Changelog for details)

EmulationStation is a graphical and themeable emulator frontend that is designed specifically for devices that don’t have keyboards (like home theater PCs and Raspberry Pi devices). Luckily, it also works on handheld devices, and someone has kindly ported a copy over for the RG350 devices.

There are several frontends (user interfaces) available for the RG350. I’ve already created guides for SimpleMenu and 350teric (“Esoteric”), and I’ll work on more as time permits.

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