Batocera Mini PC Setup Guide

In today’s video I’m going to show you how to take one of those inexpensive mini PCs you can find on Amazon and transform it into a retro gaming console. All in all, this setup can give you the most bang for your buck, and a lot of flexibility.

Mini PCs

Chuwi LarkBox Pro
Geekplus Mini PC
another J4125 Mini PC
Super Console X Mini PC

When shopping for Mini PCs, the current standard for affordable (sub-$200) new PCs will have typically have either the J3455 or J4125 CPUs. The mini PC featured in this video, the Geekplus mini PC, has a J3455, which can support PSP at 3x resolution and about 75% of GameCube games. Mini PCs with J4125 CPUs are a bit faster, and can handle 95% of GameCube games, PSP at 4x resolution, and even a few PS2 games.

Required software

Balena Etcher

Suggested tools

1TB 2.5″ HDD
iFixit pro tech toolkit
Betop wired game controller
Retro Game Corps mugs

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