Review: GKD350H (L2/R2 mod version)

Last updated: 03JUN2021

The GKD350H was poised to be the dominant retro handheld of 2019, but then the Anbernic RG350 series dominated that cycle. So let’s take a look at this somewhat forgotten gem, and the upgrades available at

Buy one here (non-affiliate link)

One of the best things to happen to the GKD350H recently is that its successor has been released, the GKDMini. This little device runs the same hardware and software as the original, which means that all of the updates they’ve done to that device to support its rollout will work on the GKD350H too.

Here are all of the updated OPKs that shipped with the GKDMini, which work on the GKD350H. In particular, the updated FinalBurn Alpha .44 emulator runs great — it can even play some CPS-III games at near-full speed.

Note that the GKD Mini firmware (v3.1) currently does not work with the GKD350H, the button mapping is off. Community members are working on an updated build and I will update this post when it becomes available.

And finally, several developers have been including GKD350H support in their latest builds, like these:

GamBatte DMS (GB/GBC)
SimpleMenu (frontend)
GameBlaBla’s repository (various emulators)

Personally, I have found that the GamBatte-DMS is the best GB/GBC emulator, and be sure to grab GameBlaBla’s Picodrive emulator as that will give you full-speed Sega 32x gameplay.

One thought on “Review: GKD350H (L2/R2 mod version)

  1. Hi – another great vid – I immediately ordered a modded GKD350H from your friend 🙂 Interested to see the updated firmware when it comes out. I also just got a GKD Mini. So opk’s built for GKD350H should work for the GKD Mini and visa versa? And with the OPK’s do you always have to use OPK’s built for a specific device? i.e. Would RG350M or RG280V opk files work on the GKD devices? Or do they have to be built specifically?



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