Review: Anbernic RG351V

The RG351V is at a sweet spot in its life cycle — it’s readily available from multiple vendors, you have several custom firmware options, and the community surrounding this nostalgic device continues to grow. So is the RG351V worth your time and money? Let’s do a deep-dive review and find out.

Buy one here (AliExpress)
Amazon link (faster shipping but more expensive)
RG351V Starter Guide


00:00 introduction
01:27 tech specs and compatible systems
03:04 unboxing
03:50 buttons and d-pad comparison
06:18 hardware and ergonomics
10:12 comparison of models
11:28 firmware options
12:44 screen configuration tips
18:16 gameplay performance
21:33 summary
22:56 conclusion

One thought on “Review: Anbernic RG351V

  1. Hi there! I’m thinking of getting the RG351V but I need to be able to take screenshots of the games that I’m playing. Does the stock firmware allow that? How about 351Elec or the other firmwares? Thanks!


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