8 thoughts on “351ELEC REBORN — It’s Back!

  1. Hi,

    is sega saturn working for you with the new release? I’m just getting a black screen and freeze.




  2. Hello Russ, that’s great work you’re done here, I bought the RG351V and it is amazing, great device, thank you so much for the channel and the videos.
    I tried the latest version of 351ELEC, it is awesome, everything runs really well. The only thing I noticed was that the overclocking function freezes the device. I am not sure if I am missing some step here. Thank you and best regards.


  3. Looks like the youtube channel has been hacked/hijacked by a crypto currency shiller (promoting Cardano/ADA) – and got the account closed. YouTube doesn’t even check that it is you!!


  4. for me, on 351M the brightness up and down swicht in game works with very very short steps (first I think it dont work), and cant cahnge the retroarch menu! some idea?


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