RG351V Custom Firmware Guide (351ELEC, ArkOS, TheRA)

If you’re looking to improve the user experience for the Anbernic RG351V, custom firmware is the way to go. Let’s look at the three new options available to you, how to install them, and figure out which one is best for you.

Buy an RG351V here!

Links mentioned in the video:

Wiki page
Daily releases page

ArkOS test build:
Google Drive
Mega (alternative link)
FAQ for RG351V

The Retro Arena:
Handheld corner

Software used in the video:
SD Card Formatter
Balena Etcher (Mac friendly)
Win32 Disk Imager

And here is the RG351V starter guide if you want more info on how to set up your device (adding games, bios, scraping media, etc.).

6 thoughts on “RG351V Custom Firmware Guide (351ELEC, ArkOS, TheRA)

  1. Hi Russ,
    thanks for the guide, really appreciated.

    I just flashed my RG351V SD1 card with 351ELEC. Everything works great, except the “ports” section not showing up.
    Also, on SD2 there is a “EDUKE” folder (for Duke Nukem 3D, I suppose). I put the game files in there but it also does not show up anywhere.

    Any idea? Thanks!


    1. Never mind, found the solution on the Wiki:
      “ScummVM, Ports, and MS-DOS are hidden by default in the collections menu. To enable press Start at the main menu screen. Scroll to Game Collection Settings, and press A. Select Systems Displayed, and press A. Scroll to the system you wish to enable and press A. Press B repeatedly to back out to the main menu and EmulationStation will restart automatically.”

      The “Ports” section does show up now. However, none of the ports is working, although I have correct game files for a few of them (doom, duke3d, quake…). Hmm…


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