Review: RG300

The Retro Game 300 is a couple years old now, but it’s still the best $50 retro handheld device on the market. Let’s look at why I like this device so much.


To install custom firmware (RetroFW), click on this link and follow the instructions there. Here is a repository of emulators and apps for this firmware.


  • The battery in this video, despite being labeled as a BP-5L, is not of a conventional size. Instead, you’ll want to 3D-print an adapter to make sure the actual BP-5L replacement batteries will fit in this device.
  • To improve arcade performance for non-CPS games, I recommend testing MAME4All. It will provide better results than what you see in this video.

2 thoughts on “Review: RG300

  1. Can you provide detail guide on how to install new firmware. I have tried following the instruction, but i must be missing something. I downloaded the following ( to a 16GB Sundisk. When power up the RG300, it appears that loading, but reboots and load continuously. Please Help .



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