My Retro Handheld Collection (+ Giveaway!)

To celebrate reaching 25,000 subscribers, I want to take a step back from reviews and tutorials and show off my current collection of retro handhelds. So let’s look at all of my devices and the story behind each of them.

Enter the giveaway here!

Thank you so much for your continued support, and I’m excited where we go next.

7 thoughts on “My Retro Handheld Collection (+ Giveaway!)

    1. Hope i will win this giveaway contest. I want to experience playing retro games. In my childhood i only played legend of Zelda on my Gameboy advance sp.


  1. I tried and rejected a lot of handhelds last year until I found the RG351P and your guides to load custom firmware (settled on ArkOS).

    Still blown away by what this device can do – but I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without your help.

    Many thanks!


  2. I myself also started retro gaming on my Samsung phones. Until I found your page then I started RG350 RG350M RG351P and then PS Vita. all thanks to you. the only thing I would request it’s more in-depth on the PS Vita since I softmodded mine I’d like to know how to hard mod it. Because I’m currently on 3.65 firmware. And I have afew questions


  3. Thanks for all your support regarding the RG351P.. Your YouTube channel is amazing, defo the best out there right now, 👍👌😁


  4. I recall having a flash cart for my GBA ~17 years ago or so. Previous console emulation was pretty janky, but nonetheless supplied countless hours of entertainment. These days mainly stick to the Switch. Lots of power, portability, and docking. Homebrew scene growing nicely. But also now finding myself drawn to cheaper handhelds to not be so afraid of scratches n dings just to have a quick MAME session!


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