New ArkOS Update: Dreamcast/Saturn Improvement for RG351 Devices!

Today I’m excited to show off the new RetroRun frontend update for ArkOS, which dramatically improves Sega Dreamcast performance on the RG351P, RG351M, RGB10, OGA, and more. It also provides significant improvements to Sega Saturn emulation, even making a few games actually playable 🙂

Important links for this update:

ArkOS installation guide

ArkOS wiki page with information about required bios, file types, and everything else needed to install ArkOS and load the games to your system.

Sega Performance Google Sheet with performance ratings for games tested on an RG351P

An compilation of cute cat videos to download and watch while downloading/installing your games

Note that this is a barebones emulator frontend, and as such, there are no menu options, or save states, etc. But luckily the VMU game saves work perfectly, like they did for the original console.

Notes for developers and the adventurous:

ChristianHaitian, the developer of ArkOS, has several tools available if you want to compile a custom version of RetroRun yourself.

Look here for a VM, and here are compile instructions. Additionally, here is information on how to alter the button configuration, and where to configure RetroRun settings to match your RetroArch preferences. For further support, come join the Retro Game Handhelds discord.

16 thoughts on “New ArkOS Update: Dreamcast/Saturn Improvement for RG351 Devices!

  1. Wow, much better resolution! I have two RG351p devices, so I upgraded one of them to test and run side-by-side with the non-upgraded one. Night and Day on each of the systems: Atomiswave, Naomi, Saturn, and Dreamcast! Thanks for sharing this tip!


  2. Wasn’t expecting much but wow, what a difference, Dreamcast is now actually viable with a good range of games.
    I only have the ones that game bundled but they all play great.


  3. Awesome video and update, really impressive!

    Where to find BIOS 1.022 for dreamcast, the spreadsheet says this about it:

    “Try and get this one as it definitely adds a few fps and a couple more games work that don’t with older bioses”


  4. As much as these are updates are very welcome, I am experiencing trouble when trying to paly some games on both Naomi and Atomiswave. Crazy Taxi on Naomi will not allow acceleration and on Atomiswave Faster Than Speed and Maximum speed both look great but no buttons or control sticks respond. Any suggestions please?


  5. Just tried RetroRun, and it has improved so many DC and Saturn games. Does any one know how to access RetroRun options during emulation?


  6. Total Rookie here (thanks in advance for the guides); If you are running 351Elec (and have done the most recent update) is there a way to get this update in there, or would I have to go away from 351Elec and redo everything as ArkOS and flash a new SD card?


  7. I’m trying to play Castlevania Symphony of the Night for Saturn, to finally play with Maria haha but the game runs horribly…
    And I’m trying too to play Rondo of Blood for PCEngige. This game doesn’t even run…


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