2020 Retro Handheld Black Friday Deals

Hi everyone, here are the deals that I’ve found so far for Black Friday this year. I’ll be sure to update this page as I find more deals for you. Please note that some of these links are affiliate links, which means that if you use one of these links and purchase something, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.


Samsung Evo Select microSD card (128GB) – $16, usually $20
Samsung EVO Select microSD card (256GB) – $25, usually $30
Anker USB 3.0 SD card reader (my favorite!) – $10, usually $13
TP-Link Nano AC600 USB WiFi module – $13, usually $18
USB-C cable 5 pack – $8.50, usually $11

Deals will come and go all week on Amazon, so be sure to check out their Black Friday page for the latest discounts. Most retro handheld accessories will be under the “Computers and Gaming” section.

If you’d rather buy your SD cards directly from Samsung (to remove any doubts about counterfeits), their online store has the same microSD card prices as above and with free shipping.

Official Anbernic Store (China, US, and Europe stock):

RG351P – $84-90 after applying site coupons (see below)
RG280V – $70 after applying site coupons (see below)

Note that the AliExpress Anbernic store has a $2 off coupon, and AliExpress has a $6 off every $65 spent coupon as well, and they are stackable. So I was able to get a $92 RG351P (with $6 shipping from a US warehouse) for $90 after coupons. Or if I wanted have it shipped from China for free, the cost is just $84. Because the RG280V is only shipped from China at this time, the cost is $70 after applying coupons.

The PowKiddy AliExpress store has similar discounts on their products, but they all ship from China and only have the $6 coupon. So at this time the Anbernic store is cheaper for Anbernic devices, while the PowKiddy store carries a wider variety of retro handheld consoles.

RetroMimi (China stock):

RG351P – $89 plus shipping
RG280V – $65 plus shipping
RG350 – $69 plus shipping
RGB10 – $79 plus shipping

They have plenty of more deals at RetroMiMi so be sure to check out their holiday sale. Note that because they are only stocked in China, shipping might take a while.

Banggood (mostly China stock, some US stock):

RG351P – $86
RG350 – $69
RG350P – $78
RG350M – $105

Be sure to check each listing as some of these have stock in the US, which may add a small shipping fee but will drastically reduce the shipping time.

DroiX (UK / Europe stock):

RG351P – €84 // £75
RG350 – €67 // £60
RG350P – €79 // £70
RG350M – €107 // £95

VegaRetro (Europe stock):

RG350 – €60
RG280M – €90
RG350M – €100
RG350 carrying case – €8
RG350 low-profile analog sticks – €5,40

Lazada (Philippines market, shipped from China):

RG351P – ₱3,818.00
RG280V – ₱2,886.00

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