RG350 Resources and Community Support

(Last updated 14JAN2021)

There is a whole community around the RG350, so I wanted to take a moment to let you know about the fine resources you have at your disposal (besides this here website, obviously).

Community groups

Online guides

YouTube channels

  • MashTec‘s channel is mostly dedicated to RG350 guides, and are super helpful. He’s my first step when trying to find video guides related to the RG350.
  • ETA Prime covers a lot of material, but he also has an interest in emulation and handheld devices. His RG350 videos are a little dated, but still worth watching.
  • Taki Udon covers handheld devices, and he recently started a second channel which also has handheld videos. He focuses on the latest and greatest options, but has some RG350 content.
  • I also have a budding YouTube channel, so check it out, and subscribe if you’d like!


As you start looking for emulators and games, you’ll soon find that there is no single, perfect source of files. Each one has its own pros and cons. Here are the major ones to check out:

  • RetroGameHandheld: This is often considered the “official” page to find RG350 firmware and updates.
  • Seong’s repository: This page has the latest firmware plus a good list of emulators and applications.
  • OpenDingux Software List: This is a repository of OpenDingux software OPKs, to include emulators, frontends, games, and ports.
  • Bitgala: This repository also has a list of firmware, manuals, OPKs, skins, and also the stock OPK files.
  • GameBlaBla: This has some unique OPKs, including the best version of PicoDrive (which plays 32x games without slowdown).
  • Game Thumbnails: This index from Libretro is a quick way to download game box art and screenshots.

Are there other resources you would recommend for others? Leave them in the comments below and I’ll get them added!

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