New RG350 SimpleMenu themes – “OldSkool” and “BlackPixel”

Today on the RG350 subreddit, user Jerry_in_WA posted two new SimpleMenu themes for download. You can download these themes here, which includes RG350M and RG350/RG350P versions.

As you can see in the video above, I tried out the themes and I am really impressed with some of the high-res system icons and landing pages they created. I think the themes themselves could do with some font tweaks, but overall I’m happy to see the community is continuing to post new configurations.

For more information on how to set up SimpleMenu on your RG350, to include my own high-res system icons for the RG350M, check out this guide here.

Here are the installation instructions for these new themes, taken from the themes’ README files:


**delete any previous version of same theme.
**recommend a backup of /home folder before making changes.
--unzip file.
--Open the themes folder from this zip file.
--inside the themes folder you should see folders with the them names. those are the folders you need to drag to the handheld.
--Connect to usb, open filezilla (…what's filezilla? see bottom)
--navigate to /media/data/local/home/.simplemenu/themes
--Drag the theme(s) you wish to use into that "themes" folder in the .simplemenu folder.
***That's inside the same folder which contains the theme folders "default" and GBZ35remix", place the folders "blackpixel" and "oldskool" in there with them.
--That's it. They're now installed.
-->To change your section art, open those new theme folders, and inside each is a "section_groups" folder. Inside is new art for your main section_groups folder. Move it there and replace the existing files. Move it from the new theme folder first out to your desktop and then drag it back into the main section_groups folder (easiest way).


--Open simplemenu, press start ro open the settings.
--(in settings) choose "oldskool-M" (or) "blackpixel-M" theme.
--(in settings) choose "custom" style
--Press start to exit settings.


Using filezilla, open up the theme folder in .simplemenu and delete the folder(s) you added: oldskool-M and blackpixel-M.
Replace the new section group art using default theme folder's stored art (same way used to change it before). Or delete the simplemenu folder and run it again. That will delete anything new. (backup your settings files).


If you have any issues or simplemenu quits working, delete the new theme folder(s). If that doesn't work, save your section_groups folder and then delete the entire .simplemenu folder. Then just run simplemenu again to create a fresh default folder and drop your customized settings files back in. If even that doesn't work, you may want to reflash card.

**Hi-res blackpixel and oldskool themes for the RG350M are labeled with a "-M" at the end of their names. If you have an RG350/P or RG280, you should be using the themes without the "-M" in the name as they are made especially for the higher resolution of the RG350M.

Leave any comments, problems or feedback on reddit.

RE: Filezilla and simplemenu:
If you don't have filezilla or simplemenu, I wrote a step by step tutorial that covers the basics all the way from a blank card to getting this running with custom pictures. Links to all downloads needed. Go to this reddit link:
[RG350 for DUMMIES] Connect to PC / Flash sdcard / Install simplemenu / Add game pics

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