Widescreen SNES Guide

Widescreen SNES Guide

Last updated: 22FEB2023 (see Changelog for details)

In this guide I’ll show you how to set up widescreen for many beloved SNES games. Not every game will work with this setup, but many do, including some of my personal favorites.

To enable widescreen, you must use the BSNES standalone emulator or the BSNES HD Beta core within RetroArch. For this guide we will focus on the BSNES HD Beta RetroArch core.

You will need a somewhat powerful machine to run the BSNES RetroArch core. For retro handhelds, I recommend something like the Retroid Pocket 3+ at the very least, but the AYN Odin or Logitech Cloud will work even better.

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My Favorite Retro Handhelds Under $150

My Favorite Retro Handhelds Under $150

The world of Retro Handhelds can be intimidating, there are so many choices out there! In this video we’ll take a look at my four favorite devices for under $150 that are available today.

Buy a Miyoo Mini
or via KeepRetro

Buy a Retroid Pocket 2+ (or 3)
Retroid Pocket 2+ starter guide

Buy an Anbernic RG531V
or via Anbernic.com
RG351V starter guide

Buy an Anbernic RG353P
or via Anbernic.com
RG353P review and guide

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