AOKZOE A1 Hands-On Impressions (Ryzen 7 6800U handheld)

AOKZOE A1 Hands-On Impressions (Ryzen 7 6800U handheld)

The AOKZOE is an upcoming Ryzen 7 6800U handheld PC that will release in September. In this video we’ll take an early look at its build quality, performance, and ergonomics, and see whether their Kickstarter campaign is worth considering.

Kickstarter campaign
AOKZOE A1 giveaway

The Phawx’s 6800U TDP video

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Miyoo Mini Button and Sticker Mods (Sakura Retro Modding)

Miyoo Mini Button and Sticker Mods (Sakura Retro Modding)

Today we’re going to look at some button and sticker mod options for the Miyoo Mini handheld devices.

Check out the Sakura Retro Modding store

Buy a Miyoo Mini:
AliExpress (often the best price)
or via Amazon (faster shipping)
or via KeepRetro

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Review: Analogue Pocket

Review: Analogue Pocket

The Analogue Pocket is the first FPGA handheld, promising cycle accurate gameplay for your beloved Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance cartridges with a brilliant display and modern features. But does this experience warrant its hefty price tag?

More info here (ships in 2023):

Other devices featured in this video:
Miyoo Mini
Anbernic RG351V
Anbernic RG552

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AmberELEC Setup and Update Guide

AmberELEC Setup and Update Guide

Last updated: 13JUL2022

AmberELEC is the new custom firmware that replaced 351ELEC for devices such as the Anbernic RG351P, RG351M, RG351V, RG351MP, and RG552. This video and guide will walk you through its setup as well as showcase new features in this release.

AmberELEC webpage
AmberELEC discord server

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My Portable OLED Steam Deck Setup

My Portable OLED Steam Deck Setup

Let’s put together a travel-friendly portable monitor setup for both budget and premium experiences.

** Note that when making the video the Innocn OLED monitor price was $680, but it is currently being sold for $560.

Items used in the review:
Innocn 4K OLED monitor
Innocn also sells a 1080p, non-touch, non-battery OLED monitor for $350

AWOW 1080p LCD monitor
AWOW monitor review video
Note that the AWOW monitor is now sold out, but Innocn makes a similar 1080p LCD portable monitor for $150

Lamicall tablet stand
Lamicall official site

  • use code RussFS02 for 30% off
    They will also be holding a 30% off Father’s Day sale (more info in their social media channels)

ACEFAST charger (black)
ACEFAST charger (white)

  • use code “ACEFASTa19” for 10% off the charger through 30JUN2022 (black model only)
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AYN Odin Starter Guide

AYN Odin Starter Guide

Last updated: 06NOV2022 (see Changelog for details)

The AYN Odin is a device that has caught the handheld gaming world by storm — it is relatively affordable, has excellent build quality, and provides performance that surpasses its peers in the same price range. Shipping delays have plagued its launch, but as more units are finally reaching their owners, let’s do a Starter Guide to walk you through the setup process.

This guide will work on the AYN Odin Pro, Base, or Lite model.

The Odin is at a strange junction in the gaming world: its price and performance have drawn interest from those who are not veterans of the emulation community, and some reviews fail to emphasize that this device is not plug-and-play out of the box. This guide is meant to help you along in that initial setup and configuration, so that you can get to gaming.

Android Starter Guide
RetroArch Starter Guide

Because the AYN Odin runs on an Android platform, setting up the device is similar to setting up any other Android device for the purpose of game emulation. I already have complete Android and RetroArch guides on this website, which will serve as the foundation of setting up your Odin. There are some unique setup aspects for the Odin which we’ll cover in this guide, to complement the two guides above, but I would highly encourage you to check out those two guides as well.

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