Xbox 360 Emulation Guide

In this guide I’m going to show you how to play Xbox 360 games on your PC using the Xenia emulator. It’s actually a lot easier to set up than you may think — no special software, jailbreaking, or modding required.

Required tools

To get started, you will need the following hardware:

Xbox 360 (connected to the internet to download games, or with a working disc drive to rip disc games)
USB external hard drive or USB flash drive
PC to run the Xenia emulator (check here for system requirements)


Xenia emulator – to find the downloads, go to the Quickstart and scroll down to the Master or Canary build links. For my testing I used the Canary build, which has more features and potential compatibility with games, but may also introduce bugs.

GOD2ISO – this software will convert your disc-based Xbox 360 game files to .iso files, which are easier to store and work great with the Xenia emulator.

7zip – if you don’t already have an unzipping utility, I recommend using 7zip.


Xenia compatibility list – this list will show you how well a game plays on the Xenia emulator, and be sure to read the comments to see if there are any tweaks you can implement to improve the performance.

Xenia quickstart guide – this guide will provide written instructions on some of the steps featured in this video, like ripping discs and navigating the Xbox 360 file system on your external drive. It also has some advanced tips like how to install DLCs.

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