Retroid Pocket 3 In-Depth Review

The true successor to the infamous Retroid Pocket 2 is finally here, and so in this video we’re going to take a deep-dive look into all of its strengths and weaknesses. In particular we’ll focus on size, ergonomics, buttons, and performance when it comes to game emulation and streaming. Does it hold up to its promise of delivering an excellent gaming experience for under $150? YES.

Buy one here
My Retroid Pocket 2+ starter guide
Shaun Inman’s screen comparison tool

00:00 introduction
02:02 tech specs and unboxing
03:57 hardware impressions
12:40 size and screen comparison
18:41 the software experience
20:46 retro game testing
24:31 PSX, N64, Saturn
26:25 Dreamcast, PSP, PS2, GameCube
30:05 local streaming (PS2/PC)
32:26 cloud streaming
34:35 summary (likes and dislikes)
38:23 conclusion

2 thoughts on “Retroid Pocket 3 In-Depth Review

  1. I want to get one but i don’t want to wait 2 weeks or more amazon is selling the 2gb one i don’t mind spending $156 on it. I just want to know if it still run good with just the 2gb? Im looking to play every game possible in all emulators. I am new to all this retro handheld but I want to get a good one.

    Thank you


    1. I was dubious about ordering the 3+ direct but it arrived about 2 1/2 weeks after I technically preordered… so cannot grumble. It’s fine, just don’t expect any info until it actually ships. I paid extra for the dhl shipping as I’m in the UK so can’t vouch for the normal courier. I got free stuff too which was nice but probably due to the Covid delays… worth every penny and minute waiting. Used russ’ guide to setup and have no issues except I can’t get my head around MAME… but that’s on me


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