PowKiddy X51 Review

With a 5” display and 5:3 aspect ratio, the PowKiddy X51 might be a budget hidden gem. In this video we’ll take a deep-dive look at the handheld and see if it’s a good fit in the lower-tier space.

Available here

Other devices mentioned in the video:
PowKiddy X39
PowKiddy RGB10
Anbernic RG300X

00:00 introduction
01:26 tech specs
02:34 unboxing and impressions
06:21 software experience
07:50 game testing (stock SD card)
13:24 SD card contents and loading my own ROMs
15:36 HDMI and external controller support
17:10 teardown
18:06 summary (likes & dislikes)
19:42 other budget options
22:09 conclusion

One thought on “PowKiddy X51 Review

  1. How would I set up a new sd card from scratch? My sd card was corrupt so I had to reformat it and I’m new to this but I can get the games tro run from the micro SD card from the file section but I can’t get them to show up in the list and I can’t get them to show up by clicking the emulator either, help?


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