Review: MinisForum UM560 Mini PC

The new MinisForum UM560 (Ryzen 5 5625U) is one of the most exciting mini PCs I’ve tested in a while; it’s a rare PC with many positive aspects, and zero deal breakers. If you’re in the market for a $500 gaming-focused or Batocera mini PC, let’s see why this is one worth considering.

More info here

00:00 introduction
01:57 tech specs, unboxing, impressions
04:49 teardown and SSD installation
07:02 software and power profile
07:48 PC game testing
11:15 PSP, GameCube, Wii
14:51 PS2, Xbox
18:07 Wii U, PS3
20:58 Switch, 3DS
21:57 Batocera testing
23:46 summary (likes and dislikes)
25:35 conclusion

5 thoughts on “Review: MinisForum UM560 Mini PC

  1. Hi Russ. I’m sure you’ve heard all the buzz around RetroArch running on Xbox retail side. Any interest in showcasing this on your channel for us?


    1. Hi Preston, unfortunately that’s not going to be something I will show off on my channel. Using retail mode to circumvent the Microsoft dev mode process to run unofficial versions of those emulators just doesn’t sit well with me, and puts the user at more risk than I’m willing to stomach. I also think that bringing more exposure to the retail mode process will lead to those apps being pulled from the MS store anyway.


  2. Great review! Do you think this one can be run at higher wattage like the SER4?

    I ask, because I ordered both this machine and the SER4 and wlil just return the one I decide not to keep unopened. Leaning the UM560 if it works with my USB C monitor.


  3. can you do a breakdown of ps3 emulation like the x360 one you made. Or even better a breakdown of your setup on the gpd win4


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