GPD XP+ Review

The GPD XP Plus has a hefty spec upgrade from their previous model, making it the most powerful Android-based handheld device today. So let’s take a deep-dive review of the XP+ and see whether it’s going to be worth the investment in today’s environment.

More info here
The Phawx’s review
My original GPD XP review
Android Starter Guide

00:00 introduction
01:20 buying options, unboxing, impressions
06:51 software and HDMI out
09:11 screen and size comparison
10:30 my preferred setup
11:18 emulation testing
19:29 Android games, streaming, LTE
22:24 summary (likes and dislikes)
25:45 conclusion

2 thoughts on “GPD XP+ Review

  1. I have a question. I’m looking into getting a handheld for emulation purposes, mainly for PS2 and PSP, possibly some GameCube maybe some more classes stuff thrown in later. What would be better overall the XP Plus or something from the Odin line? I don’t really care about the modularity of the XP Plus, aside from a wacky idea to turn the moba attachment into a PSP/ Fighting game controller. Mainly just 4 giggles My main concern is price 400 is really a stretch for what I want to spend


    1. The xp+ performs better at PS2 and GameCube compared to the Odin Pro. If you get it during its Indiegogo campaign it’s not that much more expensive than the Odin pro (about 350ish USD).

      Alternatively , you can get a smartphone with a Snapdragon 870 and detachable controllers which would outperform dedicated handhelds at a cheaper price.


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