Steam Deck Emulation Showcase & Guide

At this point, what CAN’T the Steam Deck do? In this video we’ll look at the emulation performance of the Steam Deck within its stock SteamOS operating system. We’ll also discuss my findings with getting Batocera running on the handheld.

Links mentioned in the video:
Steam ROM Manager
Batocera installation guide
RetroArch starter guide

00:00 introduction
02:17 emulation setup in SteamOS
06:20 Steam ROM Manager and Batocera
09:00 RetroArch notes
09:55 handheld systems
11:55 8-bit, 16-bit, and arcade
15:05 PS1, Saturn, and N64
17:10 Dreamcast and PSP
20:10 PS2, Dolphin, Cemu, and Yuzu
24:52 Xbox and PS3
27:59 summary and conclusion

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