Beelink SEi8 Review: An Excellent Batocera Mini PC

The Beelink SEi8 is the latest budget mini PC I’ve tested, and the third Beelink I’ve reviewed in as many months. So today let’s see how it stacks up against its more powerful companions and whether the $350 average price tag is worth it. Bottom line: it’s an excellent PC on the Linux and Batocera side, but its Windows performance was mixed.

Beelink SEi8 (Amazon)
Official website

Batocera flash drive guide:

00:00 introduction
02:09 unboxing and impressions
05:50 Windows experience
07:42 PC gaming testing
08:44 Windows emulation testing
12:06 Batocera testing
18:42 summary (likes and dislikes)
20:38 comparison with GTI11 and SER3
22:19 conclusion

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