Introducing WebRcade — Play Your Retro Games via the Cloud!

WebRcade is a new browser-based platform that allows you to play your own retro games via cloud storage like DropBox. This will allow you to play your personal library on all sorts of devices — like the iPhone, iPad, Xbox and more. The games all run at full speed and it’s very easy to set up the platform. And it’s 100% open-source and free. In this video I’ll walk you through how it all works!

Find WebRcade here

BackBone One controller (use this link for $10 Apple gift card with purchase)
My 8BitDo Xbox controller video

00:00 introduction
02:39 WebRcade orientation
04:54 create your own feed
09:40 testing your feed
12:30 export your feed
15:28 iPhone testing
17:19 Xbox testing
22:16 summary and conclusion

7 thoughts on “Introducing WebRcade — Play Your Retro Games via the Cloud!

  1. This is crazy to me, having something like this just facilitates any kind of device in general that can use a browser to play something in less than 5 seconds with only a few pieces of low internet speed of any kind to load the site and a rom, if they end up adding features such as being able to change your key bindings as well as allow to have easy ‘Multiplayer’ or a feature to play with anyone via a simple code or something it would be a wish come true for me and this is me just forgetting that the people working on this said that they will include more apps to play more systems, these people deserve a lot more respect than they deserve here if i am being honest!


  2. Can I just ask, where are the game save files located? I’m guessing safe stares aren’t possible just the normal in game saves?


    1. Yes, there is only in-game saves right now, and they are stored in the IndexedDB file within the browser. Clearing your cache or history won’t affect your saves, only if you delete the “app data” for the browser.


      1. Do you know if there is any way to access this “app data” transfer a save file in/out for a game like pokemon for use from/on a different platform?


    1. Save games happen only in the game right now. So it’ll only work when you are prompted to save in the actual game. Some games (like NES games) didn’t have save functions at all, and had passwords, etc. But you could test it with something that has an in-game save, like A Link to the Past, to see it in action.


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