My Favorite Retro Handhelds of 2021

With 2022 in full swing, let’s take a look back at 2021 and the wonderful world of handhelds from this past year.

Buy the devices here:
PowKiddy X18S
Anbernic RG300X
Anbernic RG351V
Anbernic RG351MP
PS Vita
PowKiddy RGB10 (metal)
PowKiddy RGB10 Pro
Anbernic RG280V
PowKiddy RGB10 Max 2
Anbernic RG552
Miyoo Mini
GPD XP (use code BG231d5d for $80 off)
Retroid Pocket 2+

00:00 introduction
01:50 PowKiddy X18S
03:41 Anbernic RG300X
05:21 Anbernic RG351V
06:42 Anbernic RG351MP
07:53 Sony PS Vita
09:39 PowKiddy RGB10
11:48 Anbernic RG280V
13:26 PowKiddy RGB10 Max 2
15:16 Anbernic RG552
18:26 honorable mentions
20:48 Retroid Pocket 2+
22:35 summary and conclusion

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