Review: Retroid Pocket 2+

At $99 before shipping, the Retroid Pocket 2+ is the best deal in retro handheld gaming. So let’s take a deep dive into the device and see if it’s worth considering.

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Retro Handhelds’ RP2+ Settings Spreadsheet

00:00 introduction
01:34 tech specs
02:13 unboxing and impressions
08:41 weight and size comparisons
13:50 software experience
18:50 gameplay performance
20:25 N64, PS1, Saturn, and NDS
24:13 Dreamcast and PSP
26:51 GameCube and PS2 (and a cat break)
31:03 Android games and game streaming
35:51 summary (likes and dislikes)
37:59 conclusion

Update for those who want to play Dead Cells. You can change the resolution to “high resolution” in the settings to make the content legible. But you won’t be able to read the Options menu to make that change. In the main startup menu, select Options (the second option), then Video (second option), and then the “High resolution” option will be the second setting (the first checkbox). The text will be tiny, but readable. You will also want to change the controls in the settings as the A/B and X/Y are natively swapped.

3 thoughts on “Review: Retroid Pocket 2+

  1. I’ve been considering the RG351P four the past two months, but maybe I should reconsider my options now with this thing on the market??


  2. just got my rp2+, the 16bit version. i can say the buttons are pressing very smoothly, no issues at all. so maybe they fixed that paint issue. i haven’t opened it to check, but no plans to.


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