Review: Miyoo Mini

For its price, the Miyoo Mini punches well above its weight class, with a 2.8″ 640×480 display, solid hardware, and performance up to the PS1. In this video we’ll take a deep dive into this new retro handheld and see what kind of potential it can bring to the table.

Buy one here (non-affiliate link)

00:00 introduction
00:47 tech specs
01:16 unboxing and impressions
03:37 software orientation
05:04 adding games and configuring RetroArch
07:50 RetroArch interface testing
10:21 comparison with other devices
11:44 emulation performance
14:49 Miyoo Mini vs Anbernic RG280V
22:57 summary (likes & dislikes)
25:00 conclusion

Update: I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this, so here are some more thoughts on the screen. In my video, when I said that it has some of the worst *clarity* of any screen I own, I should have used a different word; it was too specific to photo editing and from my food photography/cookbook days. I was referring to the “clarity” slider/profile like in Adobe LightRoom — this increases the contrast of the mid-tones only, and makes images “pop” on a screen. By contrast (no pun intended!), “contrast” affects the low and high tones, and is also a factor when looking at an image. Specifically, I feel that the Miyoo Mini screen lacks mid-tone prominence and dark tones (deep blacks), resulting in a saturation profile that appears “hazy” and washed out. The haziness isn’t a reference to the sharpness of the display, which is fine when navigating the menus (although the front menu looks to have added a bloom effect to the icons). The games are soft looking but that is likely due to poor scaling and bilinear filtering (which sadly can’t be turned off in this RetroArch build).

So in summary, I would grade the screen as follows:

  • Design/bezels: 10/10
  • Resolution: 8/10 (scaling will be fixed with CFW)
  • Color balance: 8/10 (a bit more yellow than blue)
  • Tint: 9/10 (just a hair green)
  • Saturation: 6/10
  • Contrast (dark/light tones): 4/10
  • Clarity (mid-tones): 5/10
  • Viewing angles: 6/10

I apologize if my criticisms of the screen were taken a different way. I went back and re-listened to my footage, my only comments were on saturation, contrast, and clarity. Overall the screen is nice, and in a vacuum, the issues aren’t readily apparent — but when comparing them directly with another device I thought the distinction was worth mentioning.

4 thoughts on “Review: Miyoo Mini

  1. Quick question here – with the Retroarch settings not actually functional, is there any way to fast forward in GBA roms in either the retroarch core or the standalone GBA emulator? I just ordered one of these as a compliment to my RG351P essentially right just have a pocketable Pokémon rom hack machine but lord almighty I’m not interested in playing those games at normal speed. Would be a bit of a dealbreaker for me, would want to cancel my order and go with the 280V instead. Thanks!


  2. Hi Russ, I am a big fan of your work! I purchased the Miyoo Mini for my daughter based on your YouTube review and it arrived Christmas morning. I went to set it up and I noticed that the contents of the SD card was different that what what shown in your review. Have your heard anything about versions of the Miyoo Mini shipping without the preloaded Chinese Content – oddly enough I live here in Mainland China so there would be no reason to ship with a clean SD card. The reason I ask, is the emulator/Retroarch content seems to be missing along with the Chinese games.

    Thanks for your time and keep up the good work.


  3. Hi Russ,

    great review, as always, thanks a lot!

    I have a question regarding “”. How is your personal experience with this shop, are they trustworthy? I ordered (and paid) my Miyoo Mini over a week ago and it still hasn’t shipped. Also, there is no further info on the company on the website whatsoever. No adress, no contact details (besides a simple form and e-mail adress), nothing.

    Should I be a little worried?



    1. @Markus,

      Not sure whether you received shipping notification from as consensus is that the site is a legit seller and rely on supply from Miyoo which is delayed due to unprecedented demand.

      I believe their site was updated to indicate delays as stock gets replenished and factoring in the New Year holidays so here’s hoping your unit arrives soon.

      Thanks Russ for the awesome work and looking forward to Guide video for us looking to update to CFW.


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