RG552 Preliminary Review

Anbernic’s new flagship device is finally here — so is it worth the hefty sticker price? Let’s take a deep-dive into the device, its features, and its potential.

Buy one here
Updated Linux firmware image

00:00 introduction
01:36 tech specs
02:37 unboxing & impressions
06:41 size & weight comparison
08:30 ergonomics
12:06 Linux OS orientation
12:57 screen showcase
19:45 Linux OS emulation performance
26:01 Android OS orientation & frontends
29:57 Android OS emulation performance
36:08 game & media streaming
38:15 HDMI output
40:12 summary (likes & dislikes)
46:14 who should buy the RG552?
49:25 conclusion

4 thoughts on “RG552 Preliminary Review

  1. Update ppsspp, and then:

    1. Disable buffered rendering
    2. Set the rendering res to 2x
    3. Set the HW resolution to native
    4. Disable antialiasing
    5. Enable the speed hacks
    6. Enjoy Outrun 2006 at 60fps

    You should also flash the latest update, it fixes the right stick in retroarch. It will erase the internal storage though, so backup backup backup.

    This device is a lot better than the 351, and with Android it doesn’t need any CFW.


  2. Well certainly so far I agree that its better on the Android side. Its also kinda nice that you can put a microSD card in BOTH slots and use it in Android (I put one setup for Android internal storage in the first slot that is bigger than the internal 64gb, and then one setup for personal storage even bigger than that in the second slot)


  3. So is it really worth bothering with the rg552? I know people have moaned about the build quality of the x18s, but basically it’s got a much more powerful processor in it. Am I actually better off buying a x18s given that it’s cheaper and will probably run N64, psp, Dreamcast much better and will run PS2 and some GameCube???


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